The backyard follows a similar concept. The rundle rock retaining wall was pushed away on one side of the pathway to provide a sense of openness rather than narrowness as one transition from one space to the other. Part of the existing concrete sidewalk was reconstructed to address drainage issues and prevent surface water runoff to a highly used pathway. Weeping tile and grading was used to address roof water and surface water runoff. The plant material for this design consists of a simple palette. Green and blue foliage in a variety of textures, from needles to grass foliage. The front yard has only white blooms, where the back has white and yellow to lighten up the beds, this reflects the colour of the dwelling and creates contrast against the black mulch. Black mulch was selected for the surface to pick up from the dark trim and accents of the dwelling. A new cotoneaster hedge was added to one side of the yard to balance out with the existing hedge as well as frame the space.