The construction elements included the removal of all small vegetation, storage and reset into the landscape in a reorganized fashion with added new plant material. Always being cautious and considerate of the existing mature species of trees. The concrete patio, entry pathway and steps integrate the space and circulation of one area to the other. The carefully crafted, dry stack rundle rock retaining wall was place to mitigate grade change. These were constructed in a tiered effect to allow for vegetation between terraces and bring the lushness through as the clients desired. To make the natural stone continuous, old cracked concrete was removed and rundle flagstone paths were installed on both sides of the house acting as secondary access routes.

Similar attention was place on the layout of the soft landscape, including species selection in terms of colour, texture, visual interest, height of trees etc. A minimal, mass planting and linear pattern was the approach taking in the planting plan design. Every design detail counts on this prominent residential dwelling. Being involved from the initial stages, to every step of construction and concluding with site placement of plant material, made the design vision of this project have incredible success in its execution.