No, we don’t offer seasonal (regular) maintenance services. We do NOT offer snow removal, ongoing lawn mowing or annual and planters planting. We do provide Spring and Fall cleanups.

Aftercare is an important part of maintaining your new landscape, so we have created a helpful document that gives you the basics on caring for your new lawn and garden!

Download the instructions

Lighting is one of the most dramatic features of your new landscape, but we want it to be as hassle free as possible. This helpful guide makes setting up your lighting system a breeze.

Download the instructions

Maintaining your new lawn and garden means watering regularly, and for our clients who have opted to install an automatic watering system , we’ve made it easy to set up in the spring, and shut down in the fall!

Download the instructions

We work in all scales, from planting a few perennials to full scope acreage and commercial sites. We can assist with everything from design to landscape renovations to new landscape builds.

Every project is different and we keep it very flexible and as transparent as possible. You can provide us with a design to bid on, or you can have our design quoted by different landscapers for the build. We are happy to work on a small piece of the overall work or the entire project.

Trees, shrubs and evergreens have a one year warranty. Perennials, Birch (betula) species, cedars, boxwoods, vegetation in planters or raised above grade boxes, and vegetation not zoned for Calgary are not warrantied. Warranty does not include transportation and planting service, this will be charged separately.

Invoicing following phase and/or project completion. Payment terms are 15 days following invoice. We accept Mastercard and Visa payments for invoices under $5,000.00. We also accept cheques, Bank drafts or e-transfers for payment.

Design costs varies on scope of services required. Following a site review, we will provide you with a Fee Letter that clearly outlines the scope of design services.

A site review is the intital meeting between the homeowner and our Landscape Architect to discuss the scope of work required. A quick site analysis is conducted at this time by means of photographs and notes. This is used by our team for reference, to base the Design Fee Proposal on. A Site Consultation, is a paid service, where one of our team members meets with the client on site to consult by means of providing feedback, knowledge, suggestions, and is based on the project’s goals and clients concerns.

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