Spring and fall yard cleanup are essential maintenance tasks that help prepare your outdoor space for the changing seasons and promote a healthy and vibrant landscape. These cleanups involve removing debris, pruning plants, and addressing other maintenance needs to ensure your yard looks its best and thrives throughout the year. Here's a guide to spring yard cleanup:

1. Remove Winter Debris
Start by clearing away any debris that has accumulated over the winter, such as leaves, branches, and dead plant material. Rake the lawn to remove thatch and allow for better air circulation and water absorption.
2. Inspect Trees and Shrubs
Assess the condition of trees and shrubs for any winter damage, such as broken branches or frost cracks. Prune away damaged or dead branches to promote healthy growth and prevent disease.
3. Divide and Transplant Perennials:
Spring is an excellent time to divide overcrowded perennials and transplant them to new locations in the garden. This helps rejuvenate the plants and allows them to grow more vigorously.
4. Clean and Edge Flower Beds
Clear out weeds and debris from flower beds, and redefine the edges using a spade or edging tool. This gives the landscape a neat and tidy appearance and helps prevent weeds from encroaching on planting areas.
5. Mulch and Fertilize
Apply a layer of organic mulch to flower beds and around trees and shrubs to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and improve soil health. Additionally, fertilize plants with a balanced fertilizer to provide essential nutrients for healthy growth.
6. Prep Lawn for Growth
Overseed thin or bare patches in the lawn, aerate compacted soil to improve root growth and drainage, and apply a spring fertilizer to promote lush, green grass growth.
7. Inspect Irrigation System
Check irrigation systems for leaks, clogs, or damaged components, and adjust sprinkler heads to ensure even coverage. Proper watering is crucial as temperatures rise and plants enter periods of active growth.
By performing thorough spring and fall yard cleanups, you can maintain a healthy and attractive landscape year-round, setting the stage for lush growth and vibrant blooms in the seasons ahead.