2023 National Awards Of Landscape Excellence

DESIGNING ‘BRITANNIA RESIDENCE‘ started immediately after the homeowners bought the property in 2018, when Planta Landscape met the clients and the architect to determine how to transform this plot of land in southwest Calgary.

Planta Landscape, a design/build Calgary-based company established in 1991, helped not only to design the planting arrangements and the garden beds, but also to construct many of the features in the back and front yards.

“I think that’s part of what makes a project successful, to be involved from day one, and to work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, the builders, and the homeowners,” said Planta Landscape Studio’s Design Lead María del Sol Galdón.

Two long fireplaces anchor each side of the swimming pool, which leads to a spectacular view of the city. Vegetation of this yard is used to soften the stone used on the house, with numerous whites from hydrangeas and mock orange shrubs blooming throughout the seasons to compliment the white marble siding of this modern home.

The palette may be simple, “but used quite extensively to create that lushness and softness to the landscape,” María said.

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